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Gotland Forn Sed–Ásatrú –is a Asatru religious confession. The registration number as religion in Spain is 022276 of the Ministry of Justice. Our organisation follows the reconstructionist and traditionalist way. It means that we try to worhip the Middle Age Scandinavian heathenry  and to adapt to nowadays. We are member of Assembly Ásatrú EU where some of the most important european organisation are working together. Gotland Forn Sed–Ásatrú has began to work until 1992.

Gotland Forn Sed is a confession of free thinkers, inclusive, LGTBIfriendly, we are not interested in racist, racialist or politized heanthenry ways and people. We are glad to say that we have conservative and progresive profile members, but we agree in the same point, everybody who feels called by the Goddesses and Gods is welcome to Ásatrú. 

In GFS someone can find a place to learn, to share blóts, activities, meetings, weekend meetings and workshops. Besides, someone can take part in our events and the International Ásatrú Summer Camp. We try making a friendly, familiar, troubleless and enjoy place. Our confession is selective and we are interested that the newbies would be friendly and reliable people.