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aGotland Forn Sed - it's independent kindred or Blotlaug of Ásatrú allocated in Catalonia (Spain). We participate in Asatru EU Assembly where are the most important organizations of Europe.Our blotlaug have begun informal way in 1992 and more seriously in 1994. The name have been the Asatru collective . Next we chaged the name for Brotherhood of the Ring . and we actually are called Gotland Forn Sed. We welcome all kinds of people reagardless ethnicity, way of thinking and custom. Also we accept to any person resident in Spain, regardless to be associated or not with another pagan religious organisation in law.


Gotland is apolitical, but we are opposed to anyone who uses the Nordic and Celtic symbols, etc in the interest of spreading bigotry, politicized paganism, radical ideas, extremists, Nazism, intolerance, racism, racialism, xenophobia, Satanism and homophobia. As well, we haven't an ambiguous speech to hide a backdrop of bigotry. We do not want to have controversy with anybody, just to clarify that we are selective and we only accept people tolerant, current people, no far right-wing ideas and people not very obsessed with race and racial origin.

aWhat can anyone find on Gotland Forn Sed?

Gotland is associated with two Blotlaugs: Irmandade de Yggdrasill and Blotlaug de Asturias. Our blótlaug follows only Viking Lore (Scandinavian middle age way), and not others or Celtic Germanic traditions. We've begun since 1994. Our Blótlaug has extensive experience as blotlaug in Norse Viking Paganism. Some members travel often to Ásatrú meeting in Scandinavia. Our activities are usually Viking ceremonies knwon as blots, to organize traditional festivals, meetings (Viking Meeting) and to exchange knowledge about Norse heathenry, history, traditions and folklore. We collaborate with other associations, organizations and blótlaugs to do an exchange of experiences and knowledge about Asatru.

Our way is universalist, reconstructionist and traditionalist, it means that we use traditional folklore and history and archaelogical scholar fonts to reconstruct our ceremonies to be near to Viking times. However, all members are free to understand the sources according to their needs or point of views. We organize as Ásatrú and Forn Sidr association in Scandinavia, Germany, UK and Netherlands. We collaborate with Asatru EU assembly and the International Asatru Summer Camp with organisation of these countries.

What would we like to newbies interested in Gotland Forn Sed?

Asatru was born against destructive sects. It's the reason why we are opposed to any way to put chains in the mind, to vanish personal freedom, to program the mind with radical, apocalyptic and sectarian ways. We have no gurus, no bibles, no dogmas. It's not needed to be an initation to be member. Our learning is not autoritarian and we have not teachers. We learns together, as communitarian way. All members and newbies are all alike

We are opposed to proselytism, so then, we do not seek to accumulate worshippers having no qualms. We want that newbies would be in blotlaug because it is their desire and they like our way of heathenism. It's quite important for us to create a friendly and quiet atmosphere

Our spirituality follows the rhythms of nature to find knowledge and wisdom. The places where we worship our Gods and Goddesses are in forests, rivers, lakes, or anywhere in the nature. We have not any historical user's guide which teach us how to hallow the gods and goddesses. However, we try to use historical, archaelogical and mythological fonts to reconstruct our ceremonies and looking for to be as similar as viking time, but it is understood and adapted to current time. Thus, it doesn't mean that we are close minded, we shoudn't follow a strong way, we undestand our tradition in natural and free way. It's feelings of current people, we don't live anymore in viking times!!! So then, it's not necessary to look our believes as serious and boring, the blot has a ceremony time in solemnity, next this is a time to enjoy drinking mealt, ale and beer, and having some dinner. We play music, songs, games, etc. inspired in viking times. We look for equilibrium between spirituality and profane fun as whole pagan traditions

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Blótlaugs associated to Gotland Forn Sed

Two blótlaugs associated to Gotland Forn Sed in Asturias and Galicia


We do each season blóts of tradition. Blóts are only for members but each member can invite alienes too. Looking information in the forum or e-mail us. Viking meetings are open and it's a way to know Gotland Forn Sed people. For foreigners of Spain, each member of Asatru Eu associations can ask to participate our activities. We treat him as member and he could taste our hospitality

IASC - The First International Asatru Summer Camp
in Denmark . Memory about event. The next IASC in Germany 2012

Activity organiced by Gotland Forn Sed
in Tarragona and Barcelona

Barcelona 11 december 2010 Barcelona 11 june 2011
Tarragona 29 january 2011 Tarragona July 2011 holiday
Barcelona 26 february 2011 Barcelona August 2011 vacaciones
Tarragona 26 mars 2011 Tarragona 24 september 2011
Barcelona 30 april 2011 Barcelona 29 october 2011
Tarragona 28 may 2011 Tarragona 26 novemb 2011

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